Seminar Class B6

2nd Semester 2011


Seminar Grading Scale:

5pts: Present, behaving appropriately, excellent time management, and staying on task not only in Ms. Truelove’s classroom but in classrooms you sign out to go to.

4pts – 1pt: Teacher’s discretion … based on behavior, time management, and being on task.

0pts: Unexcused absence or perhaps behaving inappropriately and not on task.  Unacceptable behavior will also result in an invitation to SRC.

Xpts: Excused absences will be exempt.

***Every Friday (or 2 wk period) students will be given the chance to get their current GPA and their two lowest grades.  If these slips are signed and returned, then students will receive extra credit.

***In addition, students who record the correct answers to the SAT Question of the Day in their planner and show them to Ms. Truelove when they are receiving their biweekly grade updates will also earn extra credit.

Notes for Success:

SSR is strictly for reading … anything, just read!

Bring all homework before class to work on and if you don’t have any then make sure you have appropriate and interesting reading material to last you the whole period.

***If you want to go anywhere, then you will have a planner/pass to do so.