Rules of the Classroom

Student’s are expected to be first and foremost:




Other Rules Student’s are Expected to Understand:

  1. A pass is required for any late entries into the classroom.
  2. A planner must be signed to leave the classroom for any reason before the end of the period (no planner = no pass = no leaving).
  3. Cellphones and Ipods (or any other electronic devices) must remain outside the classroom walls at all times (if a student needs to be contacted for any reason then the contactor must call the school at 616-363-4857 who then can contact the student in the classroom).  Other contraband include food and/or drink (not including water).

See Planner Rules and NVPS Website RE: Cellphones and Ipod

Some Rules of Thumb:

  1. Ask Three Before Me
  2. Complete all Assignments in Pencil
  3. Do Assigned Homework Regularly
  4. Check Homework Answers on the Blog before class
  5. Be ready to turn-in/be quizzed on Homework at any time
  6. No late homework/inclass work accepted (see assignment explanation)
  7. Notebook Checks are due on the day of a Chapter Test Review
  8. Be ready to test on a Test/Exam day with no further review
  9. Utilize all Math Help Times (ex. seminar)
  10. Find a Tutor if things get bad …

How to be a Successful Math Student:

Be on time for class!  In fact, always try to be a little early, so you can get out all your stuff.

Don’t miss class unless you are sick. Your teacher can explain something to you in a fraction of the time that it would take you to figure it out on your own (or even with the help of a tutor.)

If you do have to miss a class, then check the syllabus and attempt the assigned problems.  Always call a classmate (before you return to class!) to find out what you missed and to arrange to get the notes.

During class, always have your calculator on your desk and have your text book out.   Teachers often do problems out of the book as examples.

If the teacher is making some sort of computation, work along with him/her.

Take very neat class notes. Write down everything the teacher writes down and try to write down most of what he/she says. Put stars by problems or points that your teacher stresses or get excited about. These are good potential exam questions!

Participate and ask questions!

Do your homework the same day that you hear the lecture on the material! If that isn’t possible, always be sure to do the homework before you go to the next class.

Make friends in the class and study with them! I.E. Form well-balanced study groups.

The second that you start to feel overwhelmed with the material (ex: you didn’t understand a thing the teacher said or you can’t do the assignment that night) get help! Go to CATS, SEMINAR, get a tutor, ask for help from a classmate and go to your teacher!!!

Get in the proper frame of mind! This class is your job. How much effort are you putting forth? Do you always clock in late or do you just not show up? If this class was really your job, would you get fired or would you be up for a raise?