Grades/Credit in Math

Parent Letter and Unit Base Course Information

What is E2020?

I got between a 60% and 70% on a unit exam, what do I do? You have 1 week to retake this exam and pass (earn at least a 70%).  If you don’t then you are on E2020 (see below).  You will get a slip attached to your test that tells you so.

I am on E2020 because I earned between 60% – 70% on a unit exam, what do I do? You must have gotten an E2020 letter attached to your exam.  Now you must obtain a username and password to enter the site from your teacher and complete the online tutorial for your assigned unit and when complete sign up with your teacher to retake your unit exam to pass (earn at least 70% on the retake).  You should have your book and notes open while doing E2020 and not be afraid to ask help from your teacher.

What if I don’t get a 70% the second time around? Then you will need to do E2020 again but first and foremost meet with your teacher.

Student Samples: Grades vs. Credit

To view current grades be sure to visit Edline (passwords may be obtained through Guidance)