Got Credit?

By Friday you should know if you passed the Unit 6 Exam or not.

If you did not pass the unit 6 exam, then instead of doing E2020 before you retake the exam next week you must … go to  Enter any 6 digit code.  Click “Math” on the left hand side (your code will most likely be invalid).  Click “Textbook Companion Sites.”  Click the third set of flashing books.  Then click on our Geometry book.  Scroll down to Chapter 11 and Chapter 12.  From here you have access to various quizzes and tests.  To show that you have studied this material in preparation for your retake exam, you must print at least 5 problems from both chapter tests with your work shown and the correct answer.  Turn this in when you are scheduled to take your retake unit 6 exam (no later than the ‘exam period’ the last week of school).

If you did not pass the unit 4 and/or unit 5 exam, then you must complete E2020 and retake these exams no later than the ‘exam period’ the last week of school.

To earn credit for semester 2 Geometry, students must earn a 70% on all three unit exams!

Otherwise, thanks for a terrific year and have a wonderful summer.

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