AP Spanish

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Mar 31 2010

1.  A leer p. 163-164 en “lecturas”

2.  Hacer 9-3 y 9-4

3.  Go to this web site and listen to the “sample” as well as the next two.  Translate the sample and the 1st listening activity. (not the longer selection).


Spanish 3 Homework

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Mar 24 2010

Write the story that we learned in class.  Use the Subjunctive 3 Times (at least).  Highlight it or underline it in your storyl.

Use these images to help you remember.

AP Homework

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Mar 24 2010

Goal:  Submit a written text for grading. (55 minutes)

Text must be sufficient to provide a good basis for grading.  Ie.  If it isn’t long enough, it can’t be graded. (about 5 paragraphs) (1.  Opening, 2. Body, 3. Body, 4. Body, 5. Conclusion.)

Students must give each other feedback (but not specific)
Graded on following criteria:
Use of Subjunctive (any type) (at least 6 uses)         (50% of grade)
Agreement with gender, plurality                (20% of grade)
Clear organization/structure of thoughts            (15% of grade)
Incorporation of new/advanced vocabulary (for them)    (15% of grade)

Topic:  Something to do with Travel/Tourism.

AP Spanish Homework

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Mar 23 2010

1.  Please read p. 107-109 in Lecturas

2.  Do 6-12 and 6-13

Tarea para la clase de Español AP

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Mar 16 2010

a.  Traduzcan p. 84 al inglés (6 parrafos)  30 min.
b.  Memorizen vocabulario en p. 77-78 para un examinito (30 min.)
c.  Memorizen y practiquen frases de comprar (examen oral mañana)-15 minutos (el papelito te ayudará)

AP Homework

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Mar 01 2010

1.  Place accents where needed in the paragraph that was given to you.

2.  Memorize new vocabulary related to travel in chapter 6 (lecturas)

3.  Do the 2 exercised right after the vocabulary on Synonyms and antonyms.

Homework for Spanish 3 – STory of Bad Breath

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Feb 26 2010

Re-write the story of “El Chamaco con Mal Aliento” as best you can. Look at the pictures or click on the link below for larger pictures in order to remember the story better.

Mini-Cuento C Fotos 2

Bad Breath

AP Spanish Homework 2/22/10

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Feb 23 2010

Read “La Academia:  El Reality Show Mexicano”

p. 91-92 en “Lecturas”

AP HOmework

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Feb 17 2010

Please read the papers that other students wrote and the analysis that follows.

Also learn your prepositions

Here are the papers:


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Feb 11 2010

AP Spanish.  Presentations are due on Tuesday.  Please read the following rubric to know exactly how you will be graded.  Also refer back several days of posts to re-read some ideas for content.  Thank you.

rubric speech