Commands Page

This commands presentation will walk you through how to form commands:
Commands Presentation. Please leave feedback if this helped you or have further questions.

Here is 2 samples of the project that is assigned in Spanish 3. One is a video and the other is a powerpoint. The rubric for the project is directly below the samples.

Commands Project-Sample (powerpoint)

Comands Project-Sample Video

Command Project Instructions

This is a song that helps you remember the Irregular Positive  commands.

Irregular, Positive, Familiar  Commands

1.  Ven–Wave with palm down towards yourself

2.  Ten-Hand an object to someone

3.  Pon-indicate to someone what to do with the object.

4.  Sal-Snap fingers and point out of the room

5.  Di–put hands up to your mouth and make symbol of someone talking away

6.  Sé–Stand tall and confident

7.  Ve-move fingers like walking through they yellow pages to a place

8.  Haz-  Make something with your hands

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