A1-Homework for Friday

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May 19 2010

You are to pretend to be the spanish teacher.  You will make up 10 words (imaginary) like ca-lu-pi or bil-ta.  5 of your words should end in a vowel, n, or s and the other 5 should not.  All of your words should be between 2 and 4 syllables.

Next week Monday (when I am back) you should have 2 copies of your quiz.  One for me to take and one for yourself (the answer key).  You will administer the quiz to me by reading your words and I will decide where you placed the stress and if an accent was needed.  After I take the quiz, I will magically turn back into the teacher (as will my copy of the test) and you will turn back into a student as will your answer key.  I will grade your test accordingly.

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