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AP Spanish

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Mar 31 2010

1.  A leer p. 163-164 en “lecturas”

2.  Hacer 9-3 y 9-4

3.  Go to this web site and listen to the “sample” as well as the next two.  Translate the sample and the 1st listening activity. (not the longer selection).

Spanish 3 Homework

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Mar 24 2010

Write the story that we learned in class.  Use the Subjunctive 3 Times (at least).  Highlight it or underline it in your storyl.

Use these images to help you remember.

AP Homework

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Mar 24 2010

Goal:  Submit a written text for grading. (55 minutes)

Text must be sufficient to provide a good basis for grading.  Ie.  If it isn’t long enough, it can’t be graded. (about 5 paragraphs) (1.  Opening, 2. Body, 3. Body, 4. Body, 5. Conclusion.)

Students must give each other feedback (but not specific)
Graded on following criteria:
Use of Subjunctive (any type) (at least 6 uses)         (50% of grade)
Agreement with gender, plurality                (20% of grade)
Clear organization/structure of thoughts            (15% of grade)
Incorporation of new/advanced vocabulary (for them)    (15% of grade)

Topic:  Something to do with Travel/Tourism.

AP Spanish Homework

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Mar 23 2010

1.  Please read p. 107-109 in Lecturas

2.  Do 6-12 and 6-13

Tarea para la clase de Español AP

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Mar 16 2010

a.  Traduzcan p. 84 al inglés (6 parrafos)  30 min.
b.  Memorizen vocabulario en p. 77-78 para un examinito (30 min.)
c.  Memorizen y practiquen frases de comprar (examen oral mañana)-15 minutos (el papelito te ayudará)

AP Homework

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Mar 01 2010

1.  Place accents where needed in the paragraph that was given to you.

2.  Memorize new vocabulary related to travel in chapter 6 (lecturas)

3.  Do the 2 exercised right after the vocabulary on Synonyms and antonyms.