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Homework for Spanish 3 – STory of Bad Breath

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Feb 26 2010

Re-write the story of “El Chamaco con Mal Aliento” as best you can. Look at the pictures or click on the link below for larger pictures in order to remember the story better.

Mini-Cuento C Fotos 2

Bad Breath

AP Spanish Homework 2/22/10

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Feb 23 2010

Read “La Academia:  El Reality Show Mexicano”

p. 91-92 en “Lecturas”

AP HOmework

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Feb 17 2010

Please read the papers that other students wrote and the analysis that follows.

Also learn your prepositions

Here are the papers:


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Feb 11 2010

AP Spanish.  Presentations are due on Tuesday.  Please read the following rubric to know exactly how you will be graded.  Also refer back several days of posts to re-read some ideas for content.  Thank you.

rubric speech

AP Spanish

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Feb 02 2010


Write an outline of your presentation.  You should be thinking about 2 minutes worth of time.  Use the articles that we read in class (p. 82-84, the interviews) as well as any notes that I gave verbally and any resources that you find online.  Please be sure to give me an internet link if you do find facts elsewhere (ie. cite your information if it isn’t from the book or class).  Attached also are the smartboard images to help remind you of some similarities/differences.

Here is a sample outline (to be done in Spanish):

Thesis statement (What will be the main point of your speech)-you may write this one sentence out.

A.  Classes

1.  Choice

2.  Difficulty

B.  Sports

1.  Choice

2.  When/where they occur-their role in the school setting.

C.  Teachers

1.  Age

2. Style

3.  Pay or social status

Etc., Etc.

File from class:  differences and similarities