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Spanish 3-Tarea

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Jan 29 2010

Write the story of Nestor as best as you can remember.  Use each of your phrases a minimum of 2 times.  Click on the link below to see the images again.

Story about Fish

AP Spanish 1/26/10

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Jan 27 2010

1.  Do p. 211 and translate it to english

2.  Begin thinking about your 4 minutes speech about the american school system vs. a hispanic school system and begin preparing your thoughts of your experiences at school (activities, classes, teachers, etc.)

You will give a speech of minimum 4 minutes in two parts.   The first part will compare and contrast the systems of education here in the United States with those in a Hispanic country.  Assume that you are explaining it to a native hispanic.  The 2nd part you will describe your journey in school using as much rich vocabulary as possible and describing your classes, activities, teachers, etc.  Tell why you chose certain classes, which were hard, which were easy and why?  Tell of your activities and your experiences in them, sports or others.  Etc.   I will post the rubric in a few days but here are some items that I will definitely be looking for.

AP Tarea 1-25-10

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Jan 25 2010

1.  Write a report about the person that you selected.  Be ready to present to the class.  The report should include what was mentioned in the book.  A description or picture of the person, when they were born and died.  What makes them important in mexican history and something that is especially interesting about them.  This last phrase should have some present subjunctive in it (b/c of the trigger).

2. ¬†Re-read the paragraph that we read in class about school and find all the vocabulary in bold (or not) that you don’t know. ¬†Learn it and be ready for a short quiz that has you use the words in context.

Jamas==never ever


Hincar= to bow/bend

exigente=demanding, etc.

P.S.  I forgot that I will be gone on Tues. and so I will not be able to meet with some of you for seminar.  Please plan on coming the following seminar.  Thank you.


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Jan 20 2010

The AP Final Exam will have 4 parts.  (The writing portion has been eliminated)

#1) Listening Comprehension (about 15 minutes).  You will hear five dialogues (2-3 times each).  After listening to the dialogue select the correct answer from the 4 choices.

#2) Reading Comprehension (about 30 minutes-max).  You will have 3 articles to read.  The topics of the articles are:  Haiti, adolescents, and Immigration.  After reading, select ALL the choices that are mentioned in the articles.  Please read carefully and select only those answers that are found in the article (not your own background knowledge).

#3) Grammar ((15 minutes max)(You will have 14 questions that may cover the Present Subjunctive, the Imperfect Subjunctive, Por vs. Para, Location of prepositions, Ser vs. Estar)-Please look over the videos and other articles on this blog as well as other pages to review.

#4) Speaking Ability.  (10 minutes max)

You will be given 1 topic from chapters 1-4 of our textbooks.   You will be given 4 minutes to prepare your thoughts, and vocabulary words but you will not be allowed to write down sentences.  Then you will be expected to talk for 1 minute straight.  Your grade will be based on the following:

a) Did you speak for 1 full minute (following directions)

b) Have you used interesting, specific vocabulary or general vocabulary? (vocabulary)

c) Do you mention a variety of ideas or do you repeat yourself over and over? (organization)

d) Do you seem to be speaking somewhat fluently or are you stumbling for words (flow)

e) Do your verb tenses match what you are trying to say?  Do you seem limited to only 1 tense-like the present or do you transition from one tense to another with some ease?  (Grammar)

f) Do you have many errors of matching gender and quantity or do your articles and adjectives match nicely?  (not as strictly graded as in the writing activity where you have a chance to look at it and review it). (Grammar)

Spanish 3-Answers to 41 practice vocab questions

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Jan 18 2010

Here are the answers to your worksheet

(take note of the forms).

answers to vocab review questions

AP Homework assigned 1/14/10 for Monday 1/18/10

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Jan 13 2010

1.  Terminar de Leer p. 34 de triangulo y hacer las preguntas en p. 35

2.  Empezar a estudiar para el examen.  El examen incluirá

a) por/para


Spanish 3 Exam Content

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Jan 13 2010

Spanish 3 Final Exam

The final exam will cover everything that we have covered this semester.  Below is a list of topics that have been covered and discussed.  The format of the test will be mostly multiple choice but will also include some short answer sections, and maybe a drawing or two.  There will be several reading selections that will make up some interesting stories.  You will respond to the stories appropriately.

  • Top 175 Words (columns 1-7)
  • Essential Vocab from Chapter 1 and 2 (48 phrases)-practice your gestures. (make sure you have a complete list)-check with a textbook.
  • La Catrina Episodes 1 and 2 (must know the text and story line)
  • Grammar tenses:¬† Future, Conditional, Present Perfect (must know irregulars for each)
  • Formation of Positive T√ļ Commands (must also know the irregulars for each)
  • Location of indirect/direct object pronouns. (Me, Te, Le, Nos, Les, Se) etc.
  • Able to respond to 22 basic verbal questions
  • Know your question words

AP Homework

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Jan 13 2010

Sorry for the late post.  Here is the homework for due 1/14/10

#1.  Final copies of your papers

#2.  Page 209 and 211 in Triangulo

#3.  Spanish Translation of these phrases:

I have three friends that I would like to go with.
I didn’t know who I could study with.
I have three computers that I want you to work on.
There were 2 tests that I had to study for.
My friends are I saw two people that we didn’t want to sit by.
I love the Lions.  This year there are two games in particular that I want to be at.

Your Welcome AP Class

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Jan 07 2010

Here is a gift for you to use to help you with your reading.  Please try to read it first in Spanish slowly looking up the words.  Then, and only then look at the English to help you understand the meaning.


AP Homework

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Jan 06 2010

Tarea:¬† Lee de nuevo la carta y completa la p√°gina anterior. (25 minutos).¬† Despu√©s escribe una carta a el se√Īor donde acepta su amor (se√Īores, tendr√°n que imaginar que uds. son mujeres).¬† Sigue las direcciones en el gu√≠a.¬† Tu carta debe de incluir todos los elementos mencionados en el gu√≠a.¬† Me imagino que la carta ser√° m√≠nimo una p√°gina entera.¬† Para la clase que viene, necesitas terminar tu introducci√≥n, y tener las primeras 3 ideas del desarrollo terminada.¬† En la clase siguiente, terminaremos esta tarea.