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Sep 13 2010

Use these photos to rewrite the story we learned in class.

Mini-Cuento A_1Mini-Cuento A_2Mini-Cuento A_3Mini-Cuento A_4Mini-Cuento A_5Mini-Cuento A_6Mini-Cuento A_7

Homework for Spanish 3 (Due Mon. and Tues.)

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May 19 2010

Be prepared for Accent quiz (first thing on Monday).

Draw 2 pictures.  Write 8  sentences describing your pictures that use Ser and Estar but leave a blank for someone else to fill in the appropriate choice of Ser/Estar.  Use all 4 rules that we have learned so far to describe each picture.  Put the answers on the back of the quiz.  On Monday a partner will fill in the correct form of Ser and Estar and label it with a reason.  If you want to make it extra hard for your classmates, try adding some words like Ayer, or Mañana that will force your quiz taker to write in a future tense or a past tense instead of just the plain boring present tense.

A1-Homework for Friday

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May 19 2010

You are to pretend to be the spanish teacher.  You will make up 10 words (imaginary) like ca-lu-pi or bil-ta.  5 of your words should end in a vowel, n, or s and the other 5 should not.  All of your words should be between 2 and 4 syllables.

Next week Monday (when I am back) you should have 2 copies of your quiz.  One for me to take and one for yourself (the answer key).  You will administer the quiz to me by reading your words and I will decide where you placed the stress and if an accent was needed.  After I take the quiz, I will magically turn back into the teacher (as will my copy of the test) and you will turn back into a student as will your answer key.  I will grade your test accordingly.


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May 17 2010

Lea esta página de San Manuel Bueno, Martir


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May 17 2010

Here are the photos from today’s lesson.

Spanish 3-Quesiions to answer for 5-1 Vocab

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May 17 2010
  1. ¿Has llegado a una clase tarde donde el maestro no te dejó entrar sin un pase?
  2. ¿Qué es una comida que no te ha gustado pero lo has probado para no ser rudo?
  3. ¿Qué sería un precio barato por un Iphone?
  4. ¿Cuál es el nombre de un programa de televisión donde la gente es demasiado gorda y necesitan bajar de peso?
  5. ¿Cuándo es necesario llevarse un abrigo?  ¿Qué tipo de clima?
  6. ¿Qué tipo de ropa no se puede probar en la tienda?  ¿Qué tipo de ropa siempre te pruebas en la tienda?
  7. Quería subirme en el coche de mi amigo, pero el cerró la puerta y no me __________________________.
  8. Cuando voy de vacaciones siempre me gusta ________________________ con mi mamá porque ella paga por todo.
  9. ¿Adónde has ido de compras donde no regresarías?
  10. Un coche de $35.000 es muy ____________ para un millonario.

AP Spanish

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Apr 29 2010

Tarea:  Worth 3 homework assignments:

Practice what we did last time in class:

Read p. 115-116 articles in 7 minutes

Listen to source on W drive

Spend 5 minutes planning main ideas

Write Thesis, and 1st line of each main body paragraph.

B5-Extraterrestrial Advice(Be Strong)

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Apr 27 2010


AP Links for practice:

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Apr 23 2010







El Baguette





AP Spanish Homework 4/15/10

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Apr 16 2010

Leer p. 174-175 (Lecturas), actividad 9-16

Triangulo p. 61