Creating a Flickr Account

1.Go to

2.Click Create your account button.

Choose Step 3 or 4

3.Type in yahoo ID if you have one and your password and click sign in


4. Click Sign Up under Don’t have a Yahoo ID?

5.Fill in the necessary information and click Create My Account

6. Click Continue

7. Click Create Your Online Account or Merge if you have an existing Yahoo ID

8.Click on Your Photostream link

9. Highlight the web address on top and copy (Control+C)

10.Go to

11.Click on mail and then click on compose mail

a.In the To: line type

b.Subject:Your name (first & last)

c.Message box:Type “Here is my flickr account link Mr. Tull and Paste (Control+V) the link of your flickr account.

d.Click Send.

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  1. Servena says:

    Great common sense here. Wish I’d thohugt of that.

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